j d

April 2000, New York
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Fade away

Chiseled faces, to meet and greet
Jumping out, beneath my feet
Tortured souls, of pain, and anguish
Searching for something lost, and sacred

Pain all in my knees, and my mind is just as weak
Glad that I can see, but wishing I could speak
Alone in a crowd just staring at the clouds
Deathly afraid to speak my thoughts aloud

Now I’m all alone, seeing monochrome
Dreaming of my lovers kiss in an empty home
Screaming like a misfit, hopefully acquitted
Minds eye wishing I was 10 times more prolific

Silence talks to me, as I whisper with the trees
Thoughts of self hatred, as I wander through the streets
Chilling on the prowl, wishing i could growl
Naked and scared, like a newborn baby fowl

And I fade away
And I fade away
And I fade away
And we all just fade away
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