Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC



Fibromyalgia is an illness that often besets
Women and men who can not help themselves
It's a syndrome that causes great pain and distress
It even causes its victims to feel overwhelmed

And cold damp weather only increases the chance
That muscles will cramp and increase the stress
And though one looks the same at a glance
They really are in pain that no one would guess

Often people are misinformed and act so curt
And expect us to address everything at top form
When each small movement inflicts such hurt
That often we just can't even meet the norm

I, for one, am tired of people telling me
Get out of bed and do your part
When I really want to depart and flee
And hide my sick and broken heart

They can't see I'm trying my best
To hold onto some kind of life
But all their scoffing makes it a test
When will I be done with this awful strife

For me, each day is a long hard trial
I sometimes find life hard to face
I often think it's not worthwhile
Running this kind of pain-filled race
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