Josh Kukla


Blessed is he,
who lives in the light.
Not knowing worry,
fear, or plight.

He lives his life,
day by day,
using god as his map
to show him the way.

Doesn't hate,
doesn't lie,
he can't wait,
as time goes by.

In times of trouble,
he shows sympathy,
he looks so peaceful
to you and me.

Yes, all seems right,
so fine and fair...
But somethings hidden,
not quite there.

Whats he hiding,
from you and me?
Why's he guiding
when he can't see?

He lays at night,
in his clean, white bed,
a million thoughts
racing through his head.

Is he insane?
Or his he depressed?
Is he very different?
Or like all the rest?

He cannot think,
he cannot try,
can't find the link,
doesn't know why.
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