Jessica Tshunza

September 19, 2000 - Canada
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Goodbye to the lover that never was one

The self-doubt increases when you realize that someone you were so sure about turns out not to be the one
You saw yourself loving and protecting them and wholeheartedly happy in the long run

That someone was in your mind, thoughts and dreams every waking second of the day and every sleepy moment of the night
You built your hopes around them because you saw that they were bringing to your life that little bit of light

You built all your courage and let them know how you felt from the meaning of their presence to the void of their absence

You poured your heart out in front of them using only 26 letters of the alphabet but creating an infinite explanation of who they are for you
Still, to this day you can't understand how all those feelings were only felt by you

When they crushed your heart saying they don't feel the same way
All of sudden you saw the entire world in grey
You never thought that the light shinning in your life would ever dim and you didn't prepare for it to be completely turned off, especially not by him

You are left alone battling the hundreds of debates happening in your head while crying every tear your body has to shed
You keep asking yourself why and how could have this ended better, but the truth is this is the best ending you could ever wonder

The greatest favor someone that is not meant for you could do is to let you go. You have to reset soul and that's how you'll find your glow
You stopped walking forward, you're craving what could've been and holding on to the past while the person that left you might have already walked a mile in their new path

Live your pain, live your grief, cry, scream if you're willing, but by no means don't ever stop walking
Life will get better, it may not be what you have imagined, it might make you create new fears, but you never know what will make you smile in a few years
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