Jeremy Limn

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Hollow rain
poor you 
follow me 
and I'll follow
the hollow you
if you find the hallowed 

find my flesh and
I'll kiss you, find me
in the rain and you'll 
be okay find me when it
stops, find me when your 
arrogance is gone
find me when I'm
poor like you and
you're poor like me

find me when I'm unworthy
of your love
find me when
I'm out in the coldness 
of a wailing snowflake 
find me when the winter
is gone find me when I'm
entirely your possession

I sit here in the cracks of my shed
cigarette in my one hand
sandwich in the other
there's no one not
a voice, not a sound
of any car, wind beneath
my feet, the fumes of solitude
settle my thoughts, whiskey
on the ground, Beethoven
ringing in my ears constantly
the tune covering my mistakes
loneliness washes away I'm
alright with my own fingers. 
I've forgiven myself, I've
let the past run away.
I'm not crippled by the
the thought of not been
accepted for who I'm
cause I've rolled
downhills of

come to the place
where I belong.
cause I kept on
but now 
grief doesn't
trap me anymore. 
I understand you're
with me regardless.
of the dead spiders
laying front of
weak heart
blue shade of morning 
consuming water that
tastes like The Franklin 

this is a temporal heaven 
no people, no news
no communication
just me and the flowing
the tranquility of nothingness.
once the sun arrives fast
I shall exit back into my 
cave of no distress.

I don't believe in having a soul mate
I believe everyone has 
a soul that's meant to be kind 
but they lose sight in the
death of the melody
there's not one light in the ember
of life, there's a light 
in anyone who knows 
they're a special individual

love isn't about one on
one love is about everyone 
seeing the quenching truth
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