Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA

A Child's Heart

A child's heart lies deep within us all.
It calls to us when we're very old,
And especially when we're small.
It's a precious gift sent down from above,
A treasure of life filled with innocence and love.
It's something very special,
That can't be bought or sold.
It's boundaries are immeasurable,
Filled with beauties to behold.
As the years begin to pass its voice becomes a whisper.
So soft and gentle is that voice,
Calling to us "come hither".
Sometimes we forget to listen.
To hear its'gentle cries.
The fears of life control us.
And turn laughter into sighs.
So if life begins to scare you,
Look deep within your soul,
For the heart of a child within you,
The gift that never grows old.
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