Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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She, I and desires

I could sense her adrenalin through the chorus of her silver anklets mumbling “La Isla Bonita ....”
My hands cup her face as I get lost in the motions - the way her tongue steals my breath
The way my body pressed against hers, moulding into position and as she felt the passion growing
A rush of pulsating beats against her inner thigh and she became breathless, lost in blazing desire
Pressing her against the wall removing her fabrics of inhibitions, lips tracing her neck before licking each aroused tit
Crouching - pressing my lips on her navel, tongue unzipping her belly button - hot, horny, wanting lips action, intense
A hand running along her wet petals, waiting to the excitement I was soon to bring
Soon the butterflies faded, and passion kicked in - I lay on the yoga mat on the floor
Her moaning eyes, her fragrant oxters, the cacophony of her lips, the murmurs of her tongue making me wild randomly... inviting her to quench my thirst
I begin kissing her ankles - moving to her calves to thighs
Her lips were amazing, my tongue incredible - working her most sensitive area
She on my face - I gently spread her lips and lick oh, so slowly at her hidden treasure - sends waves of electric shocks through the deepest parts of her
My tongue on fire, burning with desire, her body shakes, her nectar released - her walls throb around my tongue
And the lioness returned, her lips caressed my masculinity, a horny display of eroticism …..
And then she started her wicked game ...with an urge to complete her .. wildly, insanely, greedily, blissfully .....
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