Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Her Citrus Desires

I still feel your eyes, looking in to mine - one summer afternoon.
The dry hot air, gradually turning hotter, as you look with surprise,
and then with love... one summer afternoon.
I don't know, if it is a question or an answer ... the expression floating in your eyes, right now.
I am struck in the moment, my fingers clutched in your palms, as your back rests against the wall
Let me shape your body along your curves; seep yourself into my entire being
I want your intimacy to dawdle along the edges of my lips hours after you've gone
I ache to be consumed by your eyes, intense with emotions, long after the dusk
Take me to your intimate chambers where hearts race; the rhythm of our shapes melded on satin sheets
Leisurely feel your way; a slow descend along the avenue of my pulsing swell; forgive me of my quavering immoral needs
Allow me to graze at the gates of your femininity, drinking the honey from your pink walls; to feel your crowning point between my lips
How can I resist those wandering lips that stirs the curtains of my garden cubicle; perfectly painted in honey dew, I throb for the touch of your kiss
Drape your thighs upon my shoulders; let the waves of satisfaction cascade up your spine
I beg to be released, dear God, of this intoxicating spell; I submit myself, heart laid bare; oceans of emotions no longer can I hide.
Despicable vulgarities float out on heated breath, as cool air kiss our moulded skin on the afternoon
A longing deep inside, the locked chambers of my soul to exotic places beyond our imaginations; you sneak into my heart to fulfil our every fantasy
Feed me the serenades you paint on your canvas; orgiastic sonata we conduct in cascading tides; trembles throughout our bodies when our fluids mix
Your ripe fruit quivers tenderly while our union completes; take my hands and let me be yours
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