Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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An Ode to HER

Dressed with simplicity, laced with sensuality, and crowned with fantasies – I watched her dancing like a colorful butterfly
Her sensuality was the inferno to my desires, keeping me trapped in her everlasting spell
Her amber eyes spin like champagne in a glass, the shimmering rubies in her eyes bubble for a sparkling moment - setting me on fire
Red lips, full of hints - so close yet so far - my masculinity was adamant in its confusion
Roses, Poison Ivy, and pheromones glide through her neck, dripping in crystal like the black magic she controls
My arms went through her with spirit as I hook up her blouse - her mounds of pleasure swing – as I swallow them with wanton and attention
And ecstasy blossomed through her fragrant oxters as she raised her arms to tie her hair – invigorating the horse in me as I kissed and licked each of them, voraciously
Blindfolded, she bit hard on the cool satin pillow against the aggressive claws of my kisses, as they blaze a trail of desire down her curved spine to her core.
Soft strokes stirred her attention, her body trembling at the imaginary impact, of my flesh within her.
Silently I watch intrigued at the strength that continues building. Gasping she moaned in ecstasy, uncontrollable want burning within us.
Her eyes on fire as my hands grip her hips luring me in, closer - oh to feel the throbbing vibrations again and again. The turmoil of her fruit - the lust of her delight.
Sweet beads of desire dripped from my forehead, gently leaving its trail across her mounds.
The moment came as the change of momentum screamed out flames of fire.
A splash of passion trickled then ignited, as liquid fire spilled from the garden’s recess.
And then our, contented guilt …. Until her oxters ripped through my fantasies again
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