Jason O'Keefe

March 10, 1984-New York

What If?

What if today you decided to be kind? What if we've been taking the power of choice in our life for granted? It is our actions that will write the story of our life and define who we are. Decide your actions. Decide to be the author of your own story.

What if today you stood in front of a mirror and looked yourself in the eyes instead of judging every angle, and dwindling every ounce of your confidence. You are strong and you are resilient, and you can't help that. It's ingrained within us, to persist in the darkness and crawl towards the light. Keep crawling.

What if all the things in this life that broke us, were really pivotal moments of perspective, that have armored us with the empathy necessary to uplift others who so desperately need it? Share your heart freely.

What if waiting for inspiration, or a 'sign' wasn't good enough for us? You already have the spark within you. You already have the courage to try the things that excite and terrify your sensibilities. Fail forward

What if we were all scared? What if we weren't as alone as we sometimes feel? Seek out others who ignite who you want to become. Together we can raise the bar of humanity and understand how similar we are, in spite of the divisions we've constructed. Say hello to that stranger, see others for who they are instead of who we perceive them to be. Hold your integrity to the highest standard.

What if????
-Be Bold
-Be Thoughtful
-Be Adventurous

I'm hoping someone, anyone, feels encouraged.
Much Love❤️
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