Japman Aneja

February 18, 2006 - Chandigarh, India
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The Time of Terror

I saw the sun rise from beneath the ground,
And bring a time of sunshine and cheer around,
When children played around and the nature danced to its own beat,
When birds sung their melodies and butterflies came to greet,

But this joy soon faded away and the fun seemed to cease,
When the clouds stormed over and the rain destroyed the nature’s peace,
The children stopped playing and nature showed its rage,
The sky growled, the thunder rumbled and everyone returned to their cage,

The happiness ended and fear and panic spread,
And there came a time which everyone used to dread,
A time when nature roared and its fury was shown,
The time of its end decided to remain unknown,

That day is today, that time is now,
We say we advanced, but to end this problem, no one knows how.
The virus became the thunder and rain became the fear,
The days passed by, but the end was nowhere near,

Life came to a stop and nothing stayed the same, 
Humans cursed each other and put each other to blame,
Nature can also take its revenge; this thought did not strike our mind,
Everyone strikes back but nature found its own way to wait till we became blind,

So that we curse others without seeing what we did,
We highlighted others mistakes but our wrongs remain hid,
We exhausted the nature and filled it with our waste for a long time,
We forgot that this is not our earth, we forgot what was prime,

That we are the earth’s servants and the earth is the queen,
That our work is not to live merrily, it is to keep the earth green. 
 We forgot what we used to love, the nature at its best,
We forgot to smile, to love, to help, to care for the rest,

The nature gave us chances to mend our ways,
But we didn’t listen and those useless goals, we continued to chase,
And now nature heals and starts to dance once more,
Birds chirp, leaves rustle, wind blows, and we again have the earth that we adore,

So let it stay this way for years and years ahead, 
And embrace the earth we have now and let the joy spread.  
I see the sun rise from beneath the ground,
And once more, bring a time of sunshine and cheer around.
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