Jackie A. Strange

Arlington, Virginia

The Auction

The dark, dismal sky belched bilious clouds
of navy and black that hovered over the
crucifixion cross marked "King of the Jews."
Howling winds screeched gossipy gasps...sulking...
Howling again as if bowing to curtain calls.

Demonic dice were cast
drunken men rolled
and Mary cried softly.

Rising above the chanting of the calloused crowd
echoed the auctioneer's plea, "What will you give
for the man of Calvary?" Silence fell as certain
as the curtain ends a Shakespearean tragedy
but no one bid for the auctioneer's song.

Piercing the silence came the cry
"Why hast Thou forsaken me?"
...and then in submission
from the dry parched lips
"I commend my spirit to Thee."

Centuries passed...and one cold wintry evening
I heard the auctioneer's plea again
"One thousand once...one thousand twice..."
Penniless and penitent I raised my hand
and cried out, "Love. Love."
And His Son was given to me.
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