Ida Cobb

Littleton, CO, USA

In Memoriam

Though he was still a man in his prime,
Our heavenly Father decreed it was time
To fulfill a promise of Lethe at last,
For his many glorious deeds of the past
In healing the sick in distant places,
Regardless of creed, color, or race. His life was an inspirational story,
One devoted to deeds, not glory
In a land seething with great unrest,
This kind mortal tried his very best
To make others live happily and well
Thereby ravaging disease and suffering fell. To him patience was the companion of wisdom
He practiced it in that far off kingdom,
Heedless of danger, exertion, and loneliness,
This was an example of supreme holiness,
Though he suffered from an illness grave,
His health he did not endeavor to save. Said he in quiet sadness, "I must continue to live
For whatever time remains my help to give
To the withered, wretched, and needing.
For this one aim, I really am pleading."
That wonderful concept of universal brotherhood
Was one this humanitarian surely understood. The beloved, high valleys this man loved dearly,
In his mind he pictured them ever so clearly,
So tranquil in the midst of lofty mountains surrounding
Deep within its foliage the wild wonderful jungle abounding.
Though through countless lands he did roam,
These valleys remained his perpetual home.
Around his neck a Saint Christopher Medal he carried,
From its thrilling message he never tarried.
Inscribed were these famous, noble words
By countless humans so frequently heard,
"The words are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep."
He is gone; our hearts are filled with sorrow,
For this tender soul there will be no tomorrow
His fame shall forever be immortal
As he now enters heavens lofty portal,
For him we silently and reverently pray,
As, in this final parting, we softly say,
"You’ve met God’s greatest test,
Slumber now in ever lasting rest."
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