Himanshi Borate

June 28, 1987 - Delhi, India

The Grey

I looked at the sky so high,

Searching for the rainbow so naive

Inside my heart and out in the sky.

Oh my heart, my heart

Once you were filled with all the beautiful shades of red and white,

Blue, yellow and pink so bright.

Unknown to the cunning plans of Grey,

Grey, oh grey,

Look how you vandalise me and slowly like a beautiful lover nurtured me and colored me in your shade!

You marred my beautiful rainbow and vanquished my soul.

Deep down the colors feud against you grey,
The Orange, The Red would howl and shriek,
The blue, The violet would ploy the plot
While the White and the Pink bemoan the eternal rest.

You make my skin crawl towards the tranquility,

While my soul searches a new Dawn against your serenity.

Grey, oh grey, why do you consume me with all the lusciousness,
With the scrumptious flavours of me in your voluptuous mouth,
I sit bare with all my anxiousness.

I'm tired and splintered with forlornness,
And you lavish of on my lonesomeness.

The color Grey,
I linger upon you, to squander me completely,
For I accept your embrace devotedly"!
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