Henry Tolliver

San Francisco, California

A Satease Poem

These Sirene's, These things, These fene's!
keep Appearing when, I see them! then! they!
turn into hymns of horrible scenes! right away!
As I describe below, for ever more, I do emplore!
These sirene's these things, these fene's!
in their horrible scenes! of racial discrimination against
people of color and women.
Where public agencies and schools to use loose Goals
of timetables to! address racial in gender disparities
As humans we all need equal opportunity!
Measures to allow race and gender to be considered
for decisions on promotion better agencies on hiring!
promotion, public schools enrollment! and to reverse
discrimination and affirmative action programs to ensure
a fair criteria for all human applicants!
Available jobs to be advertised for Both men and women!
We need afffirmative action to create a level playing field!
And no more some may not receive the advantage they've
had use to having!
And no racial discrimination and preference have no priviledge
remedy for discrimination never more, no never, for ever,
ever more! I'll emplore! Enough stuff from these sirene's
these things, these fene's,
from their horrible scene's!
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