Hendrico Valentijn

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One and then one (08/03/2019)

Amidst the mountains there lie pebbles uncovered by rainbow rays.
I watch the footprints in snow behind and recount the colorless frays.

My steps sink slightly in the ground as I weight it down.
Up in the mountains alone with the nature white and brown.

I take it all in, far and wide and in-between,
My head turns and sees all the shades of green.

The rustling sound of nature, the sound of my heaven.
I listen to all the songs, the chirping black birds are laughin'.

The cold air is sweet and swift and sharp
It plays all the twigs like it's own natural harp.

The sky turns bright and my skin is seized by the red sun.
The yellow light it travels and hits my eyes, I am stun.

In the deep purple lake all the shiny fish dance in waters rough.
Near the shore I stand and know I am below and they are above.

A rainy cloud drifts on the music to meet another
All in tune, the harmony, the nature, our mother.

Seconds turn to days and I drift for hours upon hours.
I am distracted by her gift, the beauties, the violet flowers.

When I embark on my blue monday's soul-searching walk
My mighty mother I pursue, the colorful nature I stalk.

I intuitively sheath my destruction as she gives me a kiss.
I willingly bequeath my person for I know she gives only bliss.

I must return home to the world that she cares for so well.
Shed my tears as I nod and bid her not our final farewell.

She puts the color in my world, she fills in the gray.
I know I'll see her again, but I wish I could stay.
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