Hendrico Valentijn

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A dear coveted (17/09/2019 - 01/10/2019)

Nectar mixed; invite long overdue
The day had come for rendezvous.

Cuffed by presence, arrested in glance.
Delight in essence, our happenstance.

Our thoughts dancing through the air.
Entwinement in word had been lain bare.

Why was the whisper withheld?
Do I imagine things due things that I felt?

Nectar's whisper then kindly appeared.
Nothing known, but I stand not afeared.

Winter with it's inescapable hold.
Hunters hunt, be they meek or bold.

To no surprise, the flower picked.
The scent so sweet, I smell conflict.

You sun-kissed, glowing ray of light.
The season missed, but I'll make it right.

Through falling autumn and rising spring.
Steps in pursuit of but a single one thing.

Over the perilous peaks in a treacherous land
Due truth and virtue, your finger marries my band.

Now this may not seem to be as such.
But suppression can only ever subdue so much.

Forgive me for pain in suspension.
Hereafter, my aim, dyadic ascension.

Take my hand near the river bed.
But only after an end in good stead

Then when we're melting away
Held with every step you'll sway

A nightly walk late near the shore.
I'll kiss you and you'll feel more.

You'll be shown that I possess
All the dreams, your dreams profess.

From hunting here to being there.
The river's course then we'll share.

Large water draws the rivers hither.
Lonely fish in oceans wither.

Will you take this kiss and by that this offer?
Signed are the stars of our shared cover.

And so we will lay united as one.
As forever the moon chases the sun.

My boat bays, but a vessel docked.
Through my spyglass eyes are locked.

Many waves clash against my hull,
Yet none persist, I cannot dull.

Pace pursues a flowing strait.
Kindly and caring, I the spate.

Brought together as waters drawn.
A hunter's arrow meets its fawn

Over the course of the river of time.
I'll be shown if you'll be mine.

Until then I'll write and peer.
Clear for now I must still steer.

Hawks flap and flutter about.
Eyeing for things implying doubt.

Candor comes hence and thenceforth
Pass on south and be lead north.

Flaconing skies 'round and 'round.
Wings tied by principle they be bound.

Out of sight with lids brought shut.
Reality lies, in our dreams abut.

When integrity stands not awake,
Then more than this is at stake.

You have me woolgather, you dreamwalker.
Not one to blather, I am the deerstalker.

Kind regards,
My name stands here.
The hunter who hunts you dear.
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