Heloísa Reis

february 05, 1995 - Brasil


It's like a wish have you
with me in all of my dreams
when they come true.

if a have a choice
i choose fall for you
a hundred times more
like the lovely and magic one

don't mind how many pieces
you have apart, my dear
you have to pick them up and move on

the first time I fell
it was for a long hair
and an empty personality
... but he was handsome
I kept falling for 4 years.
and I probably cried an one all

the second fall was by a famous guy
This one was funny
but I fell alone. And I got up, too.

the third came by letter, song and a card
I almost thought it was love.
But so he said no, he left ...
I asked if I could wait and said I should'nt

the third time and the last time
was the largest, the real and hard one
It was almost love again because it made me grow.
but I cried a lot too
and felt my personality disappear
so i start to think and then I leave

the next time I'm not going to fall
I will fly
not because I will have wings
all this pain was because they were already born
I go because I will have reasons
A friend hand
and the certainty of love is.
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