Gulhaider Zaidi

December 9, 1999- India
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The Duping Moonlight Sheen

I set out my foot on the untrodden lane,

Which seems to lure me even not knowing my name.

Come here, come here, it reiterates,

I hesitate, but something supernatural seems to captivate.

I crave to be out of this thraldom and be free,

But my protestations are futile, I know.

I ask myself, why only me to go?

As I was musing and contemplating on this thought,

Something, the detestable dark for me had brought.

I didn’t take time to realise the presence of a kinetic shadow,

Right in front of me it is, and it tries to grow!

A humongous, non-human figure it is,

And I feel, at stake my life is.

A kind of fear overcomes my courage and will,

No option I have, but to stand still.

I see that grotesque figure come into human form,

And that violent spectre brings with it an ominous storm.

It speaks unexpectedly, to tell that it is no one, but only me,

“I’m your devil, and I shall take you away”, says he.

It claims to be my doom, for my sin in the past.

I stand shamefacedly for betraying my friend,

How materialistic I was, and lo! I’m surrounded by fiends.

For name and fame, I claimed his life,

To be a billionaire and to rise.

Hideous creatures pass me by,

The burning oils of the witches burn red, green and white.

The spirit of my friend looks at me with reproachful eyes,

Long chains and menacles for me it brings,

Do I have to live here among these unwelcome things?

I apologise to my friend, but he doesn’t forgive,

I confess having committed a crime and thinking of it an awesome thing.

It drags me and assimilates me into his fourth dimension,

There’s none to console my laments and for my redemption.

He hangs the Albatross round my neck,

Thinking, I’m the mariner on that violet and sinful deck.

I wish, Oh how I wish, I hadn’t been money-minded and mean,
For now, I’m in the reeking arms of death, and I’ve lost myself in the duping moonlight sheen.
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