Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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To my Love

She is the apple of my eyes, my backbone and spine;
She's my lifesaver, my life support and oxygen.
She's one of a kind, my parachute, my defender; she's the Great Wall that protects me against forces.
She's my breath, my life and my all, an angel sent from above.
She's my bulletproof and ladder, for whenever I'm down, she raises me up.

She's my world, my pride and one in a gazillion, so outstandingly pulchritudinous that the world envies her; she's a wingless angel born on a Sunday, a Sagittarius!
Words aren't enough to explicate how much I adore her,
Oh! My goddess, my princess, my everything!
In this month of August you've done for me something so ginormous, beyond comparison.
The month's been hostile to me but you're always there, always got my back.
I tell you this day, my heartthrob, that you, Mary, are the best!
I love you now and always, my love!
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