Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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To my crush

Your coyness, my dear, is taking ages;
Why don't we write our love story in pages?
Now and then I think about you and you alone,
Hoping ad infinitum that I've seen the bone
Of my bones. I wish you'd hear my heartbeat,
And be cognizant of how you get me off my feet
My diva, my seƱorita, my everyday candy crush.

Whenever you're around me, I feel so alive;
With you by myself I know I'll forever survive.
In your eyes, my dear, I see the cupid's fire,
Loving you I'll do and I'll never ever retire.
More than honey to me shall you always be;
I'll love your lovely sting, so you're queen bee.

My everyday crush, I pray you rid yourself
Of the coyness and paranoia. I'm not myself
Right now because my heart's desire, my crush
Feels this cupid's deal is mere, like a toothbrush.
Tell me what to do; tell me how to do it,
But never forget you're super fair and fit.

My everyday crush, my exquisite diva,
Let me love you now else I cry you a river.
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