Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Ode to Obianuju

Obianuju! Obianuju! My epitome of beauty,
Captivating in all façades, an all in one cutie.
As gentle as a dove you, my dear, always are,
Twinkling ad infinitum like the shooting star.
Lips so glossy, making lyrical my mouth now
And then. Oh, I love the shape of your brow!

My diva with skin like the firm-fleshed ripe fruit,
Lovely in all façades, my dearest Cupid's root.
Now and then I feel you, even in your absence,
My penchant for you, my diva, is an essence.
My feelings for you, words alone can't explicate,
Your loving me back, my heart shall appreciate!
In your presence, I feel super duper shy,
And only He in Heaven knows why!

Obianuju, my jewel of inestimable value,
The one to whom I fear saying 'Adieu'.
Your beauty is, no doubt, beyond measure,
I swear, yes I do, you're my golden treasure.
My fancy for you is beyond mere pleasure,
Not having you would baptise me with seizure.
Should you be shy, my dear, for eternity,
Just know that I am your love's entity.

Obianuju, my heartbeat, my fragrant rose,
You alone can make me take a proud pose.
Be my revolutionary, I now and then pray thee
And I shall for ever be ready to pay Cupid's fee.

From a distance I shower on you my heart-feel,
Praying that we one day seal this love's deal.
Come, I pray thee, and jettison my emptiness,
Fill me with Cupid's shower, love's goodness,
And you and I shall live happily ever after.

Obianuju! Obianuju!! Obianuju!
Cupid bear me witness, it's like I've eaten Juju.
I wish my words, from here, could get to you,
Nature can't lie, dear, I really love you.
My Cupid's Jewel of inestimable value.
In all you do, never forget that I really do,
Yes, yes, yes, I'm really in love with you.
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