Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Ode to a Chum

My words to whomever it may concern,
Heed not inattentively, for I'm here to affirm.
'A good name', they say,'is better than sacrifice',
And, I add, is indeed more valuable than jewels.

Why live a life so damn, in all fa├žades, phoney?
Need I remind you that your living it isn't funny?
Why would you, folk, be ensnarled in frivolities
When all you'd get is none but mere trivialities?

I'm not a judge, this I know, but a counsel,
Praying that your phoniness you, chum, cancel.
Appreciate realness, I pray thee, my pally,
See me chum as one from your big family.

Why hurt yourself to please a geezer unworthy?
Why die to make the unworthy hombre a liver?
Why displease sense in order to embrace folly?
I pray, my dear, that you don't die in imbecility!

My words to you, I know, may be ambiguous,
But believe me you'd be better being righteous.
I am like the dove renowned for sturdy pliancy
Pleading with you to rid yourself of adamancy.

'A word', they've said', is enough for the wise',
So step up, mate, and, in the end, get the prize.
Being a strumpet is in no way at all worthwhile.
'A stitch in time', they always say, 'saves nine'.
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