Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Had he known...

It was very early in the morning,
I can recall, not without mourning.
The roads were soaked; the cloud pregnant--
The gnats in all facades, the water was stagnant.
Full of ecstasy, he descended from the bed,
No doubt the night before he was well-fed.

How full of life he always was, not until then;
He was ravaged like a prey in a lion's den.
Had he known, He'd have have been stationary,
Sticking glued indoors to his stationery.
Had he known; had he known;
These tears of mine wouldn't have flown!

Clad that morning, he sashayed in a manner so majestic
Unaware of the tigers awaiting in ways strategic.
Bloodthirsty vampires they are, bestial intoto;
Had he known He'd have remained indoors solo.
He saunters waving at and saluting every Tom, Dick or Harry,
Unknown to him, his corpse on that day we would carry.

The Flesh-craving zombies approached him that morning.
Ah! I can never forget about that day's mourning.
The tigers and the zombies seemed to have liaised for a bloody purpose,
Heartless life-enders with the fire-vomitting bamboo-stick , what a damned purpose!
'I'm off to church', he speaks up tearfully after the inhumane baptism,
Down on his kneels still, he begs to know the reason for the antagonism.

Helpless passers-by wishing they would help but couldn't,
Why would man do that which he, in fact, shouldn't?
They beat him up black and blue till all he could see was the bloody moon.
Had he but known on that day he would go too soon,
I am certain that he wouldn't have been sent six feet under.
Ah! Man's inhumanity to man! What have you gained now that you've put asunder?

Are you happy now, Mr Predator? Are you feeling fulfilled now, terminator?
For how long is this going to continue? Are these years not enough to be a tutor?
'Experience', they say, 'is the best teacher',
So I stand before you voicing it out like a church's preacher,
'I Shall never forget our wrong choice; I'd rather live in solitude
Than have rulers so inconsiderate with bloodthirsty attitude.'
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