Graham Ereks

November 30 - Nigeria,West Africa
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Dear Mary

Dear Mary,
The most pulchritudinous of lasses;
The thought of you gives me eternal ecstasy.

You're my lifesaver, my heartthrob and oxygen;
Without you I'm breathless, without origin.

Five years we've journeyed through the lillies and valleys of this heart-path;
Stronger and sturdier we've become, now in a wow-path.

Life's ups and downs came stealthily, ad infinitum and tried every so often to sunder us
But our love is defeatless, as bold as a lion.

Days and years come and go, but our love has
Come to stay.
I can't wait for that day, when you and I shall
Walk majestically to the aisle for the exchange.

I can't wait for the priest to say, 'will you take this Queen as your lovely wedded wife today?'
And I, without much ado, shall say 'I do' 'cause I know being with you is the best decision ever made.

I not only love you my adorable-cum- exquisite senorita
But am also deeply in love with you, manacled by the fetter of your Spell, my pulchritudinous mamasita!
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