gabriella Blake

April 29, 2002 -LA, CA
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Tell me there’s more. There has to be more than this. More than a smile, a laugh, a joint, a tear or two, a mental break down, falling down and getting back up, Zoloft, and more tears and sleepless nights. More than a hook up, the anticipation, the heartache and the heartbreak and more tears and more sleepless nights and another joint and some artificial happiness. there has to be more than these tears. More than the homework I’m drowning in. More than these stolen moments I’m waiting for. More than the ones who wasted my time and broke my heart and left without a goodbye. More than the songs to match my emotions and screams of frustration. More than a fuck you, a slap, and an ejection. Giving up and remembering you can’t because they promised this wasn’t it. They promised there was more. So push through the heartache and the tears and keep going.
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