gabriella Blake

April 29, 2002 -LA, CA
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I’ve struggled to write your letter for so many months. That was supposed to be my closure. I could never find the words, nothing was good enough, nothing could encapsulate everything that is us. Words cannot describe who you are to me. Words cannot describe the impact you have on my life. Words cannot describe the love I will always have for you. No letter I could ever write would do you justice. There is too much to say, too many feelings, too much love challenged by pain. Ive needed That closure, the end, my last words to you. That is simply an impossible task. your role in my life is not over. I’ve tried to fight that, but it’s fact. The only thing to end is my suffering. That is an end I can live with. That is an end I welcome with open arms. That end brings new beginnings. A new chance for hope, love, friendship, and most of all happiness. I’ve let go. Not of you, but of the pain. I remember how to smile.
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