Gerich Blitz Garcia

Paradigm of 15 different kinds of personality

Tripartite Love

I don't want to talk about it.
You know I can't stand good byes
If i asked you to stay
would you take my hand in yours?
say you'll never leave me
I just need you to know
every day I wish I had said
all the words in my head.

My eyes hurt from staring at a
screen trying to forget the memories.
My legs hurt from cycling through empty roads
trying to forget all the moments I spent with you.
My hands hurt trying to distract
myself in the pages of a book;
I've been hoping to free my heart
from yours.

Such a sad soul, living in a world
it don't belong. I know all those love songs
remind me of the love that's come and gone.
Closing eyes and dreaming of a place where
I don't feel alone.
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