James V Daniels

August 24, 1979 - San Diego
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Government Poem

But like, we don't even need a government, is all I'm saying.
If all a government does is deregulate the companies and take way our freedoms- then our priorities need straitening.

And sure, they put police on our streets and pay for our schools. But those police have two jobs and the schools have no cash, and my friends are on zero hours contracts, they can't wait for their money back.
So there's a little something for you all... To think about.

But that's not the problem, more like an overture.
You see, the problem is that folks like you and me rarely turn out to be:
Fruit pickers; warehouse workers; shop fitters; joiners; carpenters; scaffolders; solicitors- wait!
That last one- maybe.

But we might pretend we know, when we're on the six o'clock news doing the press conference- you know?
We'll say we're doing lots of great things, helping people here there and everywhere- stand in line and you shall receive!
But when times get really tough, and the banks are closed, the hospitals full- I invite you to look at the front of that line. It's me! And all my government people- that you SO badly need.

Are you rich? Possibly.
Are politicians rich? Definitely.
How would they handle a crisis that affects you and me? Disastrously.

How is wealth transferred? Proportionally?!
And how is help given to those who need it most- in times of desperation sorrows and woe? Incompetently.

You must excuse me, I'm full of negativity, but there's still so much to work towards- we can contemplate it joyfully!

Technology is amazing, we should harness all it's power, artists are amazing and they shape the world through colour. Creators do what it says on the tin- they devise new structures and have bold new ways of thinking. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, they should be the ones in power!

So there we go, I hope you enjoyed that. Do you want some more? Well I haven't got any, so go, and be happy.
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