Gary J. Gunning

Rochester, NY, USA

The Sandman Will Come

The sandman erupts
A form, just for us
Dark tinges filled
His spectral form
The being made of dust A ravager of souls
Lain across hot coals
He brings nothing forth
Save only his contempt
Coming from beneath the hole Death, his only friend
Always there to the end
A brother of lost causes
Mistreated sibling of old
What message do you send For all, there is sleep
A place where only I can creep
Dark crevices and corners
Hold no bar, to me
The taste of your souls, so sweet This said in the eerie night
Always they move, in fright
Hands that stretch
Nothing leaves unchanged
Nothing, hides from his sight For, the stealer of essence
Goes through all fences
Filling his unnatural void
While, the hunger persists
Oddly, the sandman just dances
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