Filip Hammarström

January 31, 2000 - Sweden
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Cycle of Life: A Journey Through Growth and Decay

Sunrise, the beginning of day, awakening of life
Bringing new light, creating a story
With that which can’t be bought
But only with cherish, tender and humble

The dispersal of seeds, a migration of life
Ever reaching, wanting growth
Like birds roaming the skies, longing, searching
The young forever seeking, hoping, wishing

As sun strikes noon and time has passed
Seedlings have found their new home
A place to grow their petals in sun
Roaming has ceased, searching is done

Youth has turned juvenile, settling down
With hopes of love, creating their story
But with all things that grow, all must end
A reminder, memento mori

Sun hits eve and shadow emerge
A crack in the surface appears
For now is the time for seedlings to sprout
But nothing can ever persist

That which existed has drifted apart
Petals are wilt, leper and hollow
That which was meant to grow and be green
Behind them Death will follow

As day comes to end and night fills skies
The failure of mating and strife
Longing for sunrise, beginning of day
Which brings a new chance for life
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