Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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When Vivid Clouds Descended

After hiking on the trail one day, I was making my way back,
Immersed in balmy thrills of summer, and the sunshine attack!

Birdsong was in my ears, and fragrance of beauty all around;
And greenness like a memory, matched grasses upon the ground.

A dandelion sun lit cobalt skies, in its ritual warm ecstasy,
As a soft and spicy breeze, played at hide and seek endlessly.

Small animals were darting, in that canary season so alive,
Like the honeybees humming summer, all around their beehive!

After stopping to eat lunch, I spread my blanket in a meadow,
Like the feast of ripe cherry trees, were bluebirds often go.

Enjoying the hot sunshine, afterwards I lay among plum flowers,
Like true moongazers enjoy, the black midnight's satiny hours!

I grew increasingly drowsy until, neither sleeping nor awake,
I was in the world between the two, so that both I forsaked.

And the new world was the same, except for mysterious clouds,
For these were caramel colored, yet lovely, with no doubts!

The clouds turned dark chocolate, and it soon began to rain,
But the rain was only brown mist, and soon it was sunny again!

The brown mist was so lovely, that it left a world enchanted,
Like blooms the world over, rising up where they are planted.

Then I saw a pretty rainbow, in every likely shade of brown,
Caramel to tawny, to coffee to umber, to darkest ever found.

Soon sunshine dispelled the mist, and my rainbow had vanished,
As exiled colors in dark of night, often come to be banished.

What kind of world was this, where the rains were only in mist,
And blooms must drink colored air, prior to being sun kissed?

Greatly enjoying the day, I saw the clouds turn to light blue
Then baby, tiffany and royal, and cobalt azure and indigo too!

Hardly ten minutes had passed, and already it'd started again,
For nature goes mad with colors, the while feeling aught pain.

Now I gazed on a mysterious blue world, like one from a dream.
Then came a rainbow of glittering blues, after sunshine gleamed!

For me, for me, did exotic nature perform, this wondrous show,
Like bluejays wandering indigo skies, with sunshine on the go!

After the dazzling blues had gone, next came exotic misty reds,
Like the lushest scarlet blooms of summer, dreamy in their beds.

Currant crimson candy and blush, were the colors of the rainbow,
And to my heart came rainbow's refrain, beseeching it not to go!

Such a lovely obscured place, forever in nebulous radiant mists!
There all beings breathed fluids, as colors are hard to resist!

Like the full moon and the stars, breathe in velvet summer nights,
And soon rise gleaming and winking, in ecstasy of black and white.

Rainbow orange came-honey, fire and yam, with many hues between,
And pink, fushcia, magenta and rosewood, also with rainbow green!

Misty yellows lemons and golds, in echoing glory of the sunshine,
And also charcoal grey and silver mist, with its lining so fine.

Lastly came the purples, lavender to lilac to grape to wild plum,
A purple rainbow with misty rain-I'd forgotten where I was from!

Until finally I opened my dreaming eyes, to an old familiar view,
As a rooster greets a buttery sunrise, cheering the old and new!
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