Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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What Happened to Yesterday

I was a famous, learned historian, living a good life in prevalent today;
As vast, grey clouds must move on, once wild storms are swept away.

I spent many golden days and plum evenings, perusing historical books,
Like a nature lover, passing lovely green hills, is casting backward looks.

I lived my life of vivid, probable future, waltzing with a prosperous past;
As sun and moon meet in rouge, dawn skies, just for the lively contrast!

I had written several bestselling books, on academic, engrossing topics,
Like vacation thrill beach nights, starlit, in regions of the African tropics.

While living the life of an intellectual, I still made time for good friends;
For a sensitive heart, full of affection, shows a love that never pretends.

I lived in the lovely house time forgot, on it's way to a marigold summer,
On a quiet, sun washed street, lined with varicolored gardens of wonder.

Neighbors oft visited my cozy home, with artifacts worthy of a museum;
And we would have coffee and chat, about the vast, ancient Colosseum.

Better days were looking upward at blue, and to each raven, starry night.
The days were glazed in sunshine sheen, and knock out roses multiplied.

One ebony night, as I lay dreaming, snug in a starlit, plush bed of cozes,
I saw yesterday visit the house of tomorrow, like he who finally proposes.

For aged tomorrow learnt from past mistakes, mistakes of a green youth.
Then while collaborating together, they began to discern immutable truth.

I saw reconciling, and bitter anger fading, with apologies and forgiveness;
For once we release bad feeling and anger, the joy returns with quickness.

And as a memorable night wore on, a wayward, sky blue world grew wiser,
Because it truly had at its disposal, a clearly reliable, and cautious adviser!

Like sultry, blind satiny nights, must rely upon the softer, pearl moonlight-
A hard won, but valuable lesson, that gold is for days, and pearls for night.

And when the sun drowns in a sea of colors, his life flashes before his eyes,
As he vows each tomorrow will be different, beginning with a rosy sunrise!

I awoke to warm, mellow sunshine, streaming into sugar coated windows,
Thrilled by my moonlight history lesson, and the bright sunshine to follow.

I have more appreciation for my work, and I find myself enjoying it more,
For time creates new from the old, while life, its golden moments explores.

Glorious yesterday is yet living, it lives on in a grateful heart of tomorrow,
Always guiding and admonishing us, away from tortuous paths of sorrow!
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