Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Well Played

I was a hopeful actress, but so far had only been offered bit parts,
And I fought to pay the bills, as a starlit owl, working after dark.

But because I had such huge dreams, I had been struggling for years,
Like a heart brimming with big emotions, is holding back the tears!

I knew I was an amazing actress, yet there were many others like me,
Making it quite hard to choose, like selecting cherries from a tree.

And there were times when I wondered, if I'd ever hit the big time,
Or would my dreams remain as elusive, as a pearly moon at lunchtime?

But suddenly my luck turned, and I got to try out for a major part;
And my hopes soared to the heavens, as when fleet spaceships depart.

But I had to contend with two others, also competing for that role,
So I rehearsed for many hours, like soaring pink robins with a goal!

At last the fateful day came, and we were called to read one by one,
Like the sleeping dormant blooms, are called from dreams by the sun.

I don't know just what happened, I had given the best effort I could,
And I was so sad not to be chosen, like hued rainbows gone for good!

I left the studio and went walking, striving to get over the letdown,
And my feet took me out to the country, near the sleepy edge of town.

After I had walked awhile more, something interesting caught my eye,
It was an abandoned fairgrounds, exited on paths of green butterflies!

It was huge lonely dusty and overgrown, yet curiosity made me explore,
And suddenly I saw the wishing well, which never got visitors anymore.

The sign above said wishing well, and there was a bucket and water,
And it proclaimed dreams would come true, if you threw in a quarter.

I had nothing to do and was going nowhere, so I tossed in the coin,
Like puffy clouds cast silvery drops, inducing magical green growing!

My terrible day of disappointment, was ending on a small note of hope,
Like the destined couple forbidden to marry, swiftly choosing to elope.

In better spirits I walked homewards, in the gathering purple shadows,
For when a sun has gone missing, silvery moonlight embraces you close!

I had sweet dreams all the ebony night, and a tangerine sun waked me,
Like sailing away on seas of promise, to the bright shores of maybe.

Although I was the same person, a critical change had happened within,
As I realized faith keeps you going forward, no matter what has been!

By chance I got my confidence back, with a smile that had been missing,
In gathering beauty of evening sunset, at an abandoned well for wishing!

For wishing leads to hope and hope to faith, like spirits room to room,
Chasing the doubts and sadness, like pink butterflies chase the blooms.

My newfound self confidence affected others, and it led to better roles,
And my face finally started to appear, in magazines with glossy photos.

On the sunny day that stardom arrived, I was still in my dreamy youth,
And parts I played caused rave reviews, like cotton clouds on sky blues.

For fervent wishes really do come true, and all it takes is believing,
And knowing that dreams are limitless, like milky stars of an evening!
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