Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Way Up North

I was talking to my solitary self again, grumbling how life held no adventure,
And my parrot, Cherry, often echoed me, as moon echoes golden splendors.

She'd ruffle her feathers and preen, as she perched redly upon my shoulder,
As the sun perches redly in the mahogany west, in its hour of dusky smolder.

Cherry was used to my frequent griping, like flowers are accustomed to rain,
Bringing chaos along with sweet relief, like wisdom that can come from pain.

I lived in a small town in southern Alabama, and it was the place I was born,
And although I loved my rural home, its dullness and sameness had me torn.

I had for long wanted to travel afar, and not just to nearby towns and cities,
As colored blooms whose seeds scatter afar, wind up on strange committees!

I lived in my own wing of the family home, with my merry, best pal, Cherry,
As flashing stars gather against raven dark, when the sun turns to mulberry.

I was so caught up with friends and family life, and a taxing job that I loved,
That years went by with dream unfulfilled, like the moon rosy dawn shoved.

So, lately I'd been muttering my frustration, to my singular self and Cherry,
Like unhappy thunder at violet evening, when the ebony night is in a hurry.

One day the grumblings ended, when I jumped up and shouted, 'This is it!'
As Cherry fluttered from my shoulder echoing, that selfsame fine sentiment.

A vacation from my job was looming, and as it neared, my eagerness grew,
And I made my joyous plans to visit, a lovely place unlike any I ever knew!

For my destination, I had decided upon, Fairbanks, Alaska's beautiful sights,
Among them wild Arctic Circle tours, and the unforgettable Northern Lights.

Quickly I was saying goodbyes, and Cherry would be cared for by my family,
I sure would be missing my dear pet, who looked into my misty eyes cannily.

Traveling so far away by slow train, I could relish a lot of what I had missed,
As blooms languish through the gray days, missing amber sun's warm kiss.

When I reached my final destination, I got my first taste of wintry weather,
Like the blue lightning occurring, when the opposite charges come together!

I visited a beautiful, immense ice cave, and took exciting, snowmobile rides,
As billions of luminous stars come out to play, whenever the ruby sun hides.

I visited the gorgeous National park, with its teeming wildlife and mountains,
And I enjoyed delicious foods, at a charming hotel with sparkling fountains.

But most of all I enjoyed the Northern Lights, and thrilling Arctic Circle Tour,
So lovely and far from where I had started, like a sunflower when it's mature!
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