Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I was awakening from my dreams, in search of an orangey sun,
As dreamers had always done, since warm vibrancy of day one.

I was emerging from fine silken coverings, in the usual way,
For wild places beckoned to me, as Saturday calls to Sunday.

After a colossal struggle, at last I had emerged victorious,
And leaving soft pupa behind, I was soon sunshine delirious!

I fluttered here and there, exploring all on red hued wings,
As red sunset wings take the day, while pert cardinal sings.

Deepest thrills of summertime, took me from garden to park,
And guided by acute senses, to the vivid blooms I embarked.

I possessed 12,000 eyes, so each dyed bloom was identified,
Beauty amplified forever, as skies where plum sun has died!

I could see ahead and behind, so I wasn't easy to surprise,
My vision nearly 360 degrees, with ultraviolet seeing eyes.

Those days when life was young, all the world seemed so new,
Like skies after starry nighttime, are appearing very blue.

Just as my parents before me, I had an undying urge to roam,
Like the wandering stars twinkling, which never knew a home!

With sense of smell beyond compare, I detected scents on air,
From the farthest distances, and my red wings took me there.

Flowers were my special passion, and just like any perfumer,
I gravitated to brightest blooms, by pursuing any late rumor!

When the twilight sun set, with its blurred and crimson orb,
I and my fellow butterflies, retreated in varicolored hordes.

Not long after that time, in its stages arrived summer moon,
Like days spent at the circus, amid numberless hued balloons.

Snug under a lilac leaf, I dreamt luxuriant butterfly dreams,
Like the sweet and balmy rest, of unperturbable beauty queens.

With dawn I rose on silken wings, in search of scented nectar,
For in all of my young days, I had found nothing else better!

To the meadow and to the wood, to private gardens and beaches,
I wandered a fair amount, of nature's multicolored far reaches.

In the lazy days of scarlet summer, I wafted on golden breeze,
Along lush emerald grasses, and in the midst of exotic trees.

Fervidly loving movement, I fluttered past hills and valleys,
And I was sometimes admired, in the secret nooks and crannies.

In the young and happy days, summer skies were sapphire blue,
As the green grasses of springtime, sprinkled in morning dew!

Sitting on a cherry blossom, at times I've been pretty in pink,
Just as upon some evenings, stylish people are pretty in mink.

My colorful days were active, and the nights too held blisses,
With pearly moonlight falling down, soft as butterfly kisses!

Sometimes of a starry night, I slept in sweet, aromatic grass,
In gilt dreams of scented moments, and the warm noonday brass.

Any day you may find me, upon a favorite bush tree or flower,
Loving the blooms that love the sunshine, hour by golden hour!
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