Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Sun Rose Very Rose

Nighttime ebony hues, turned to lovely shades of rose,
And a creamy moon yet shone, about to make its escape.
The song of praise commenced from the emerald treetops,
And other stirrings began the summer's day happenings.
I had awakened by and by, to dreamy roses in the sky!
I was pleased that day, a golden sun was coming my way,
With beauty in its wake, in charmed customary fashion.
The roses from my garden, sat fragrantly in the vase,
Waiting in silent patience, for deep admiration to go by.
A wonderful beginning to an exceedingly promising day,
Wrapped in the warmth of summer's pleasant beginning!
Sleep wouldn't return to me, because day was calling,
And rose tinted daylight, decorated my bedroom walls,
And joy and eagerness crowded the world like sunshine!
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