Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Long Way Home

It was late in the balmy springtime, and I was attending a lecture,
On a topic of great interest, which was the history of architecture.

As a great lover of beauty, I admired structural geometric designs,
Like the tall triangular mountains, or circular grapes on the vines.

But I had not slept very much, the night before the awaited class,
And I found myself drowsing, like a sleepwalker on moonlit grass.

Until the instructor's acute sarcasm, penetrated my pleasant dreams,
Saying I had more important things to do, than listen, as it seemed.

As his voice had awakened me, I looked all about me in dull shame,
Like a heart that keeps on searching, for the lover without a name.

It was a struggle to stay awake, for the remainder of the long talk,
Like a daisy struggling to bloom, in a small crack of the sidewalk!

Afterwards on the bus going home, I found myself in dreams once more,
Like the welcome guest just arrived, already heading for the door.

After peaceful and restful sleeping, I suddenly awaked with a start,
And saw I was in an unfamiliar area, which soon quickened my heart!

"End of the line," said the bus driver, "so everyone must exit now.
You've been pleasant companions," he said, and he gave a playful bow.

The road now went by the mountains, and I crossed to the other side,
Hoping that a bus would arrive soon, hastening the homeward ride.

But no bus was forthcoming at all, however long I stood there waiting,
So I soon just set out walking, before the zestful sun began abating.

After walking for about a mile, ahead I saw something curious quite,
A family emerged from a cave, a very hairy and oddly dressed sight!

They looked just like cavemen, emerging from the original human home,
Like the bees of fabled summertime, buzzing at the first honeycomb.

As the family finally came my way, they looked past and through me,
Which puzzled me until I realized, that my form they could not see!

For a past that's so long gone, lives entirely in another dimension,
And when glimpsed from a window of time, we each keep to our section.

But I had to keep on walking, for I still had a long distance to go,
And I wanted to beat the darkness, but the aged memory still followed.

Later I saw the exact type of hut, the teacher had lectured about,
It was fashioned from mammoth bones, and although crude it was stout.

Another half mile soon brought me, somewhat closer to the present,
And a tent made of animal hides, with a family that seemed pleasant.

Further still I saw simple huts of mud, in a field devoid of grass,
Primitive people sat by a fire, as I looked through the hourglass.

Since my boredom was fully cured, I was awake and very eager to see,
Much more of this virtual tour, through this odd passage of history!

I then saw stilthouses, domus, insula, timber frame and chateaux,
Mudhif, machiya, and caravanserai, some with people at the windows.

Housing styles appeared faster now, imitating the birth of cities,
It's rare the past comes calling, upon the fragrant summer breeze!

I saw cob houses, carved caves, yurts, gothics, minka and colonial,
But most interestingly I saw, the full evolution of modern people!

Like taking the time to admire, each flower in a colorful garden,
Or living our moments in the sunshine, of knowing where we've been!

Then the road led me to tulous, first built in the twelfth century,
And though shadows were growing longer, I was certainly in no hurry.

Next in the parade of homes, was beaux arts, Victorian and vardo,
Craftsman, public housing and modern prefab, on streets of tomorrow!

The magic tour really opened my eyes, and touched me deep inside,
And I had feelings not only of joy, but also sensations of pride!

Like the pride of nature's glossy colors, in bird, bush and tree,
Giving gladness to a witnessing world, and leaving pretty memories.

I sensed the tour was nearing its end, when I saw geodesic domes,
Mobile homes, styrofoam domes, and bold shipping container homes.

Sunset shone scarlet, pink and gold, as I viewed 3D printed houses,
Afterwards I saw no more, as roses vanish after exciting our senses!

When I finally reached my own home, I was exhausted but quite happy,
I'd gained such knowledge of edifices, in a period of time so snappy.

I later found out that my bus, had completely broken down on its way,
And fortunately for me, it turns out, it was the last one that day!

While eagerly attending my next class, I was awake, alert and aware,
Like one who watches for rainbows, to appear from out of thin air!

The instructor seemed somewhat surprised, at my avid attentiveness,
And I passed the course with honors, and with memories so precious!
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