Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The House of Doors

My friends and I were out strolling, in a lush park one day,
Just enjoying the scenes of the afternoon, as time flew away.

Sun kissed blooms blushed and swooned, under pale lazy clouds;
And nature was lush in the flora, which sometimes overcrowds.

We talked joked and laughed, in the way that good friends do;
In the relaxed manner of those, aware that the hearts are true.

The sunshine warmed the June, and the birds were everywhere,
Their colors causing sighs, as they floated in the balmy air.

We exited the idyllic park, and missed the sights and sounds,
As dethroned kings are missing, their jewel studded crowns!

So enjoying being together, we talked and laughed some more,
Like the sea's turquoise waters, that meet upon another shore.

At last our roaming took us, to a road with abandoned homes.
The hugest one fired our curiosity, to explore derelict zones.

So giggling we all went inside, wondering who'd lived there;
And soon came to a long hall, lined with doors in still air.

Opening a door we went inside, and then we froze in wonder,
For we were at a classy opera, by perhaps a kind of blunder!

Making our way to plush velvet seats, we all of us sat down,
And as La Boheme had just begun, we had our night on the town.

When the opera was over, we exited by the door we'd come in,
Saying it was the strangest finest place, we had ever been!

We eagerly entered the next door, but we quickly ran back out-
As there was a brawl going on, we exited the room with shouts!

We entered the next door slowly, as we carefully peeked inside,
For sometimes the halls of mystery, have many things to hide.

This time we entered a party, and joined dancers on the floor.
Then we enjoyed refreshments, before dancing back out the door.

Next we all entered a lecture, but the topic did not interest us,
So we eased back out of the doorway, so as not to cause a fuss.

The afternoon was still golden, as time seemed affected inside,
And the rooms of this old mansion, still had secrets to confide!

Like the secrets of the shadows, where mysteries lie waiting,
Or seeing the fine end result, of what you have been creating.

Next we found ourselves in a concert, so amazing and such fun,
And we were still invisible to others, like a thief on the run!

This day had been most incredible, and we were not yet tiring,
And we determined to discover more, before the sun was retiring.

The next door led to a graduation day, and we grew misty eyed,
To see youths walking into the future, with dignity and pride.

By now we had gone halfway down, this long corridor of dreams,
A place between sureness and uncertainty, where maybe screams!

As the day was yet young, we wandered into a charity auction,
And we all participated in it, as a greatly rewarding option.

Then we entered the audience, of a popular television game show,
Anita was waved onstage, but there were answers she didn't know.

So we left as we had come, and nothing whatever had she gained,
Even black shadows can't be seen, where the sun has not remained.

Charmed moments brought more doorways, which led to life events,
As we wandered the enraptured hall, that split reality in segments!

We saw a queen's bejewelled coronation, had an evening of ballet,
Shed tears at a beautiful wedding, and partied on Valentine's Day.

In and out of doors we whirled, in laughter reverence or tears,
In the derelict hall we cheated time, unlikely music in our ears!

At last a final door removed us, to a sensational Broadway play;
A splendid way to end a day, in a house with nothing more to say!

When we were on the road again, the golden sun was still shining,
And the vivid birds were tree to tree, but afternoon was declining.

When next day we came for a look, the mysterious house was gone,
Disappeared upon the summer breeze, like dew on the noonday lawn!

But we never forgot those doors, where thrills and laughter rang;
And with our night on Broadway, the house had gone out with a bang!
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