Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago

The Graduate

Sweet blooms in golden hour's wake,
As a diploma is given with handshake.
To blue-gold skies over glassy lake,
Scarlet redbird, the clouds overtake!

Nature is alive, and so is the degree,
And just no telling what all will be!
Like midnight stars in afar enormity,
Or a new dawn that whispers, "destiny."

As overburdened trees drop the fruit,
When succulent ripeness is absolute,
So marches the young graduate, astute,
With keen precision and mind acute.

These are the times to watch so, oh!
Though up to now, it was touch and go.
Childhood's memory we'll always know,
In fond hearts, while it doesn't show.

As summer beckons and butterflies flit,
And dreamy green bowers songs transmit,
There is one vivid blossom I do admit,
Stands apart from all others, exquisite!
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