Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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The Art of Caring

I will admit I was a tightwad, though that fact shames me now,
As never changing mountains, often colorful mists will allow!

I never meant to be unkind, but only endeavored to be practical,
Like the moon exiting skies, when night cannot be more magical.

I yearned to be a huge success, and truly thought I knew it all,
Like Cinderella as she lost her shoe, when running from the ball!

Still I had plenty of friends, who overlooked my unhappy faults,
As blooms overlooked the darkness, to begin the moonlit waltz!

Sunshine often visits those, who aren't particularly deserving,
With golden feverish devotion, that is constantly so unswerving.

I loved my work as an art critic, and I was appreciative of art,
Like the art of buying a plumed hat, to go away looking smart!

I had viewed so many great artworks, their beauty followed me,
As balmy breezes follow colored objects, everywhere constantly.

I was at an art museum one day, viewing a depiction of a town,
So pleasant and filled with sunshine, wearing serenity's crown!

It was a huge life-size canvas, a beauty with trees and birds,
And people dressed in pretty colors, exchanging pleasant words.

On a street of cheery houses, playing children and shade trees,
And a mail carrier on the corner, passing like summer breeze!

Some unknown something called to me, as a desert calls for rain,
And I could not turn my gaze away, as a fond memory will remain.

I gazed until I felt the sunshine, and I could hear the laughter,
Finding myself on that quaint street, like the happily ever after!

Disoriented at the sudden change, I spun myself quickly about,
But I could not see the art museum, scarce as rain in a drought.

Hence a lady walking on Sunny Street, inquired if I might be lost,
And said she'd help me to find the way, no matter what the cost.

How to tell my unusual plight, when I didn't know what to tell?
As only the turbulence of the ocean, is gained from a seashell!

As I walked the pleasant streets, I found people were so caring,
Like I'd entered a new dimension, knowing of nothing but sharing.

When I asked what time it was, I was gifted a brand new watch,
As yearning for one sunny day, yields a season of butterscotch!

When I lunched at an outdoor cafe, a kind stranger paid the price,
As nature always seems to give, in excess of what would suffice.

Later passing a garden party, revelers insisted I join their fun,
So I danced in the day's sunshine, and played games with everyone.

I was not quite used to this-things were so different around here,
Like summertime gone down in defeat, giving hued autumn a cheer!

As day was nearing a sunset orangey-I'd never enjoyed myself more,
Like butterflies chasing bright blooms, from a meadow to the shore.

I had an assortment of fine gifts, bestowed with joy and feeling,
From the openhanded and openhearted, and my attitude began healing.

After hugging the summer revelers goodbye, I turned about to leave,
And found myself facing the art museum, yet in magic I now believed.

I turned back to see the huge canvas, just as it had been before,
Yet I knew that vivid memories, would come knocking at the door!

I'd become a different person, who appreciated the joys of giving,
For if one can't express love and caring, where's the joy of living?
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