Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Taken by the Wind

I was out one day walking, along the glad sounding shore,
Gathering pretty seashells, and watching the seagulls soar.

To the left were lofty mountains, touching the azure skies,
To the right, sparkling ocean, and ahead the butterflies!

In early afternoon sunshine, I enjoyed the warmth's caress,
And breathed deeply of the salty air, as it was very fresh.

I swung my picnic basket, because I was feeling so joyous,
As an owl gives a hoot at dusk, when he's happily mysterious!

I had plans to take a walk, and after lunch to explore caves,
And later to seek refreshment, in those ever present waves!

So I spent some time walking, bare foot in the pebbly sand,
When suddenly a thing occurred, upon which I hadn't planned.

The sky by degrees grew darker, as the breeze grew in speed,
Then rain came slashing down, sparing my quandary no heed!

What happened to that lovely day? What happened to the sun?
What happened to all of my fine plans, before they had begun?

Like a bloom that closes its petals, at the first sign of rain,
For when it begins showering, there is no more warmth to gain!

I'd known other days like this, so unlike what was promised,
As the sweet dream which vanishes, in the dawn's early bliss.

The wind was now a hurricane, and I didn't know where to run.
It carried me out to sea, before attempts at flight had begun,

I was a champion swimmer, and I fought my way back to shore,
Then I darted into a cave, one which I'd planned to explore.

I really found it hard to believe, that I'd now found a haven,
As emerald boughs are most welcoming, to an exhausted raven!

So I lay down and closed my eyes, to dream of better days,
When dazzling sunshine kissed me, with its golden warm rays.

The morning found me cramped, and more than a little bit sore,
So, I walked outside resolved, to leave my cave by the shore.

The sunshine was encouraging, and the wind was calmer now too,
Until it picked me up and blew me, back to the cave I once knew!

Whatever was this madness? And how could this thing be true?
'Twas hard not to take it personally, when options now were few.

So I picked myself right back up, and angrily stormed outside,
Whereupon I was immediately given, the by now familiar ride.

I tried twice more to leave, but each time concluded the same,
I ended up just where I started, as if it was some new game.

Like the gay caroussel that spins, in one neverending circle,
Bringing choruses of laughter, until the skies grow purple!

Next to my cave was a seaberry shrub, so I had food at least,
And I had candy in my pocket, so my hunger was much decreased.

But I could not leave this cave, for I was a captive of the wind,
So I began to probe its depths, to see what lay around the bend.

In my pocket was a lighter, I had brought for probing the caves,
Now it could be put to superb use, like the sun's endless blaze

I walked for what seemed hours, as the cave went on for miles,
Until I saw the welcome sight, which caused me sudden smiles.

Up ahead there was daylight, and an aperture tall and wide,
And I could hear talk and laughter, of the many people outside!

Changing my appearance greatly, I put my hair in a unique style,
Then quickly slipped into the crowd, hoping to be lost for awhile.

The mood was one of gaiety, they were watching a parade go by,
It was a solemn gay celebration, for it was the 4th of July!

I stopped at a water fountain, and drank for what seemed hours,
Like a bud at last bursting to bloom, whose scent overpowers!

I walked the paths of gaiety, until they led me at last to home,
For it is the one that surpasses, all the others I have known.

The first thing I did at home, was to enjoy a shower and a meal,
Then sleeping peacefully out of the wind, had enormous appeal!

The next day I altered my appearance, I must say permanently,
So that when I ventured out of doors, I wouldn't have to flee.

I cut and dyed my hair, and with my makeup I wore a new face,
Hoping that the ceaseless wind, wouldn't overpower me anyplace.

Though it has been ten years, the gusty wind never found me out,
And to this precise day, I am not quite sure what he was about!

Did he want me for his bride? Or to show his authority upon land?
Whyever did the wandering wind, suddenly decide to take a stand?

Like the tree that grows in the forest, and reaches for the sun,
Its lovely greenery and birdsong fun, whispering look and listen!

I've never told anyone of my adventure, for that would be unwise,
In the event that the wild wind, has the milky stars for his spies.

But these days the 4th of July, holds a special import for me,
Not only as our national birth, but the day that I was set free!
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