Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Summer's Ash

As yet another summer grows old,
Jasmine senses the coming cold.
Amid the dancing autumn leaves,
In the shadows, a boy grieves!

Gold memories of the golden days,
But feeling yet the warming rays.
Splash of water, soaring kites-
Softly dream of summer's rites,

Secret, satiny, whispering wind,
The forever journey never spends.
Around the bend is summer's ghost,
A vividly arrayed, gracious host!

And I know the days were mellow,
And the starry nights were indigo,
I know the sun shone in his eyes,
He always hates the sad goodbyes!

And now in the silence complete,
Winter's waiting out on the street.
And Ashley is somewhat downcast,
To see frolicsome summer's last!

Wee birdies sing in treetop nest,
Enjoying sunbeams while so blest,
For summer is gone all too soon,
And in its place the harvest moon.
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