Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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I was pretty talkative, and spent all of my days chit chattering,
Like galaxies of glinting stars, all the dark universe scattering.

I was always on the move, and loved cacophonic sights and sounds,
Like the deep thrill of excitement, when the carnival is in town!

People loved my easy laughter, and they said I was a lot of fun,
Like the fun of a storm's passing, when greeting the citrine sun!

I did not like the silence, for the silence would make me blue;
And I would sit around moping, complaining I had nothing to do.

The fast fast city life, with all the flashing bright lights and action,
Had for long drawn me, making me ignorant of country attractions.

Parties shows, museums, or sunshine concerts in jade green parks,
City life offered all of these, with countless activities after dark.

Like an offer of sunrise greetings, from scarlet rooster at dawn,
After you've just arisen from dreams, and are putting coffee on.

On a day in bright sultry August, I'd gotten a month's vacation;
And I was driving to another city, to spend the entire duration.

Traveling on country lanes, somehow someway I made a wrong turn,
So I drove back the way I had come, as a cheery orange sun burned.

Round and round the lanes I drove, each one leading right back,
To the tiny town of Pleasantville, and soon the sky turned lilac!

Nothing to do but call it a day, when besides I needed some rest,
As the sun must become a quitter, just when he was doing his best!

I thought I was imagining things, being overtired from a long day,
So I dined at a restaurant, before checking into the Hotel Soiree.

Exhausted I fell fast asleep, and spent all nighttime in dreams,
The kind that you are having, when you are drowning in moonbeams!

I dreamed of wide green spaces, lit up by splendid hued rainbows,
And of peaceful fruitful valleys, where hardly anyone ever goes.

And of the days before conversations, with nothing much to be said,
Like deep thunder advancing slowly, filling the earth with dread.

I dreamt of rampant noise pollution, awful as pollution of the air,
Like a red butterfly gone looking, but not finding blooms anywhere.

I awoke to the fresh dewy morning, peeping boldly into my window,
As lacy clouds drift slowly on the sky, as if they'd nowhere to go.

Wanting to get an early start, I was soon back on the road again;
But I could not leave Pleasantville, so it was thither I remained!

I sat down in a lovely green park, to contemplate my sad situation;
And as I sat there thinking, I finally saw the beauty of creation.

Sumptuous blooms were bouncing, as though to imperceptible beats,
Colorfully lending their rich fragrance, to the early morning heat.

At the hour of prevalent silence, I felt such intense peace and joy,
In the warm sun of the morning song, as grey geese swam in convoy.

And the silence began speaking to me, though it had been all along,
As when you suddenly perceive, the distant notes of a beautiful song!

For its language is signs and whispers, lilac smiles moonlit delight,
Also the faintness of pink butterfly wings, as an orange sun excites.

Silence pointed out the rippling grasses, and slow clouds on the blue,
Like shadows that wander the daytime, wondering what they should do.

Inside of me I grew very peaceful, deep inside I became quite still,
The peaceful feeling the first time, you're finally off a treadmill!
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