Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Sassy Sun

I had named my verbose parrot Sunny, as he filled my world with sunshine;
For when someone truly touches the heart, you often must give some sign.

I habitually called him 'Sun' for short, and we had become best of friends,
Like the friendship nature cherishes, with all the vibrant beauty she tends.

Sunny and I loved watching old crime movies, the same ones, repeatedly.
Funny Sunny would often get his two cents in, mimicking villains heatedly!

How I enjoyed those bits of hilarity from my bird, who was golden yellow,
Like the sun of a saffron noontime, when all shadowland has gone mellow.

I was a well-informed kennel attendant, caring for pets of absent owners.
I loved the animals and my work, like darkest night loves starlight donors.

But, Sun was most adored by far, ofttimes perched on my arm or shoulder,
As fond, pearl moon is born and grows old, then dies at dawn, much older.

I lived in the house of purple dawn mists, always anticipating lemony sun,
To the ticking of monotonous, mellow clocks, whose work was never done.

Neighbors would travel the paths of roses, just to see my entertaining bird,
As the moon shining with a rainbow, is the loveliest sight that has occurred.

The sun was in green, grassy meadow, and blooms trembled upon trellises,
As happy young and old people alike, cherished them from pretty terraces.

Gnarly trees hid the summer singers, under cloudless skies of admiral blue,
Like the thick, pink mist which is hiding, everything you thought you knew.

Sunny and I were watching a movie one night, when thieves tried to get in,
By trying to force open the door, when Sun began mimicking villains again!

'Alright Buster, I'm going to fill you full of lead!' Sun said in a chilling voice,
As I hid, trembling, behind a sofa, like silver rain falling, without any choice.

'Your next step will be your last!' Sun said, like the final blooms when fading;
And the richness of green is going places, since hectic autumn is pervading.

There was an immediate pause in activity, then a scurry of footfalls running,
As I listened in fits of terrified unbelief, my agitated heart rapidly drumming!

The two men were caught the next day, for in their haste, evidence was left;
And I had a new alarm system installed, after the fruitless, attempted theft.

Sassy Sun is still my sunshine, my hero, like the music that rescued silence,
Creating a sweet song in the heart, like glad times spent among the violets.

And we still watch the oldies but goodies, on many a fine, moonlit evening,
While glorious stars flicker fire and ice, after dazzling sunsets, so appealing!
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