Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Room at the Top

I awakened to butterscotch sunshine, pouring through my window;
And I lay there for some moments, feeling the balmy wind blow.

I would have basked in it longer, save for a job that I enjoyed;
And being late was the one thing, I'd always attempted to avoid.

I had a very nice apartment, inside a quaint but modest highrise;
And it had fantastic views, of translucent lake and cobalt skies!

In the forenoon I drove to work, in my crimson sleek automobile,
In such in a terrific mood, like the orioles singing with zeal.

But once I'd reached my destination, the boss asked to see me;
And to my grief I was laid off, as a ship suddenly adrift at sea!

I sadly cleared my desk, said my goodbyes and drove home again.
Alas, years of battling rain, has taught the sun not to be vain.

What on earth was I to do, and how could I make my car payments?
As winter fondly reminisces, of the lavender fields of fragrance!

How would I pay my many bills? My woes were suddenly mounting,
Like millions of moonlit stars, at enthralled night's recounting.

When I'd reached my building, my usual elevator was out of order,
So, I used the farthest one, wishing my troubles to the border.

After I'd unlocked my top floor suite, astonishment awaited me,
My belongings were in a fancy penthouse, like some wild fantasy!

There were extra rooms, with rich furnishings I had never seen,
And expensive artwork graced the walls, in gold sunshine gleam.

I twirled around laughing wildly, then to the windows I flew;
And delighted like birds of summer, in the still fantastic view!

Outdoors the sun was shining for me, and I was so much happier,
Like a years old love affair, finally off to see the preacher!

The next morning I returned to work, as I'd forgotten my phone,
And the boss gave me tasks to do, as if yesterday was unknown.

I worked all day with diligence, and I was secretly overjoyed,
Like a vivid sunset repentence, for the coming midnight devoid!

Late in the day I returned home, and night birds were singing;
And eventually I had sweet dreams, as stars above were winking.

The next day I rode the repaired elevator, and went off to work-
My amazed boss said I was fired, and she wondered why I lurked.

But I knew the problem! I would never ride that elevator again!
There is room at the top, if you use the right vehicle for gain.

It's not just the rise that counts, but it's all a matter of how,
For only when the right method is used, will fortune truly endow.

So I switched elevators again, and regained my job and my bliss,
As greenfinches sing a summer chorus, of the love they've missed!
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