Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago


We had fun when we were young,
When seemed life had just begun.
We danced nights at the beach,
So filled with dreams to reach!

Reckless once, against the wind,
Hair untamed, wild, unpinned;
We were rebels. We were free,
We weren't stuffy bourgeoisie!

Took a ride down Lover's Lane;
Scattered petals in the rain.
We were cool. We drove fast.
Though the dawn could not last.

We had friends in every place;
Knew our love's first embrace.
Red sunsets over meadow green,
On country roads we careened!

We built castles in the sand,
Had our causes, took our stand;
We were hip. Had our clique.
Our step lively, pace so quick.

We were daring. We were brave.
Never we strict. Never grave.
We were passion. We were fire!
We could run and never tire.

Tempo fast when we were youths,
And searching out our own truths;
But we never looked into the sun-
Excess caution's worse than none!
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