Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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When I was a history teacher, I had a passion for the subject,
Like the twilight descending silkily, as day and night connect.

Each day was a new adventure, as we explored different ages,
Broadening young minds. I looked forward to the eager faces!

I had always yearned for teaching, so rewarding in myriad ways,
Like the reward of a peach sunrise, shining through purple haze.

I taught at a neighboring high school, and had for several years,
As lemony sun comes out beaming, in the hour a storm clears!

During the daily hours of teaching, the golden ages came alive,
In the way sunsets come alive, so the starry nights can survive.

I had a very pleasant social life, which included other teachers;
And all in all, I loved my life, like nature loves colorful features!

Even though a job is loved, every person still needs a vacation,
Hence I began planning my own, in a sunnier part of the nation.

To my destination I'd be driving, for the sightseeing and to relax,
Then I'd enjoy a luxurious beach, and the sky's blues and blacks.

When at last came the time for leaving, I loaded up the old car;
And headed for open highways, as moon wanders where you are!

I was full of zestful excitement, and in the sunshine of my youth;
Exploring the lovely countryside, as sunrise rays probe for truth.

The driving was so pleasant, that I revelled in every green mile;
And big puffy clouds roamed above, like innocence without guile.

At ruby eve I checked into a hotel, as I was driving coast to coast,
Before lilac shadows claimed me, and I laid in dreams engrossed.

Early the next morning I awakened, to fushcia sunrise serenade;
And resumed my scenic drive, towards the happy plans I'd made.

But when I was on a backroad, I came to a sign saying, "Detour,"
So I took another route, lesser traveled, still confident and sure.

I had not driven for long, before everything began to appear odd,
There were fewer people and structures, however I was yet awed.

For I soon saw a great palace, and a royal procession descending,
From the queen's crown with the cobra, I knew who it was coming.

Queen Cleopatra advanced near, then she looked right through me,
For I was at a distant point time, in a place that she could not see.

I was still standing beside my car, as the procession passed me by;
And entered a sumptuous garden, where vivid birds sang on high.

It was a lushly, beautiful scene, under ancient, skies sapphire blue.
Soon I resumed my driving, as I wondered what else would ensue.

However, gradually as I drove on, the scenery returned to normal;
And I presumed time had once more, closed the mysterious portal.

I had a wonderful vacation, and a happy time on the sandy beach,
As we enjoy such rich sunset colors, while sun's just out of reach.

And my brief glimpse at a storied past, would follow me for always,
Like a lush purple blossom, retains the fragrance, of its early days!
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