Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Rainbow Girl

I was an irrepressible and happy young woman, and graceful ballet dancer,
Who lived for twirling on a world stage, as red berries are shrub laughter!

I had practiced for so many years, striving to become the best of the best,
Like the untold luminous stars, that put the tranquil nighttime to the test.

At last I was enjoying the sweetness of success, like the bird newly flown,
Tasting the first ecstasy of freedom, and being able to make it on my own.

Unfailing sun wore its gilded smile, and creamy stars winked all night long,
The world seemed a friendly place, like on wide avenues of bluebird song!

Those were olden happy days of vivacity, like the robust autumn harvests,
Or the rapt, full moon glowing with zest, lending magic to deep darkness.

On the evening of my greatest performance, I pirouetted as never before,
But toward the end, a ligament in my knee tore, then I sank to the floor!

I was promptly rushed to a hospital, where my diagnosis was very grave,
As clouds on slow, changing pathways, look from azure skies, sun glazed.

I had lost my passion, I had lost my bliss, my dream career was at an end,
Like the bad news that comes so suddenly, it's often hard to comprehend!

Soon, I slid into a deep depression, like a valley between blue mountains,
Where birds sing all summer long, and red daisies bloom by the thousands.

Every day seemed like the last, for the zestful joy of daily living had gone,
Like the melancholy pearl dews creep in, once a warm sun has withdrawn.

As my knee was in the healing process, I had been instructed to walk on it,
To exercise and strengthen it, so one day I walked to a park, golden sunlit.

It was just after a heavy rain, and the balmy breezes were fresh and clean.
When the green path reached a clearing, I saw a gorgeous rainbow scene!

I'd had the blues for so long, that it was pleasure to see other pretty colors,
As the sun says hello and goodbye to the moon, when hued sunset occurs.

Suddenly a strange lady appeared, emerging from the vivid rainbow itself,
Her hair was colored radiance, both every color and none, rainbow wealth.

Her expressive eyes matched her hair, and how they glittered and sparkled,
I knew that I was beholding the impossible, and owing to that, I marveled!

She must have traveled endlessly, for she knew my earthbound language,
Having noted my sadness, she said she turned gloom to colorful advantage!

She told me she was called, 'Tullia,' and said she lived in the realm of light,
With its often invisible colors, sometimes captured in deep golden sunlight.

She took me to her vibrant, beautiful home, where we relaxed and had tea,
It was so posh, unique and comfy, like ample security's absolute guarantee!

We chattered and soon I was laughing, and I had not been laughing for ages,
Like melodious language, evolving for millennia, still generates new phrases.

Finally we walked down the crystal stair, leading into the sunlit green grass,
And we knew the heartbreak of goodbye, like sands through the hourglass!

Many affectionate hugs and kisses later, Tullia left me where she found me,
As birds sing in a golden rose dawn, though we knew that there they'd be.

I had found there is more than one dance, like sunshine dancing upon mist,
Or the rapid dance of a valentine heart, just as someone's first been kissed.

The years have flown since Tullia, of the region beyond the stormy clouds,
And whenever I start to feel low, I recall a rainbow where I laughed aloud!
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