Evelyn Judy Buehler

March 18, 1953 - Chicago
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Positively Stunning

I used to be obsessed with fashion, caring far too much about clothes,
Like the sun whenever he's coming and going, is striking vanity's pose.

I lavished absurdly upon my wardrobe, in excess of what was practical,
Like the glittering rainbow colors, proffer more than what is passable!

Though I wasn't an awful person, in this one area, I admit I was vain,
As the seasons, once departed, flaunt beautiful faces again and again.

I regularly read fashion magazines, and kept up with current trends,
As red Mars regularly follows its course, to where the horizon bends!

I thought that I could get ahead, by impressing all the right people;
And I also longed to be admired, as a lovely waterfall, very peaceful.

I spent an inordinate amount of time, before the full length mirror,
As a full moon clings to obsidian night, having found nothing dearer.

Nevertheless I was quite well liked, for I'd hardly boast my vanity;
Yet when one is immersed in oneself, neglected is all other humanity.

But like redolent joyous blooms, each season I put on my new colors,
As emerald budding spring leaves, fashioning gracious canopy covers!

Having advanced in my career, I knew being well attired didn't hurt,
As blooms sense the whispers of sunshine, massed stylishly in concert.

But the fateful day arrived, when I dropped and broke my hand mirror.
That was the eventful afternoon, that led to my seeing things clearer!

I cleaned up the mess and finished dressing, and walked into sunshine,
And along the blooming Aster Avenue, a hush street of the summertime.

Yet when at last I encountered a person, she regarded me with shock;
And glancing at my clothing I saw, bold stripes and bright polka dots!

Horrified I retraced my numerous steps, on a path of fragrant Saturday,
In such a state of embarrassment, I clung to the shadows and alleyways.

When I got home and looked in the mirror, all was as it had been before,
Like the ring of truth at the front buzzer, that exits by the back door!

Warily I changed my lovely outfit, which I felt I could no longer trust,
Like the reddish gold dawn of discovery, when sweet dreams turn to dust.

My confidence restored I once again left, relishing birdsong breezes,
As a rainbow flustered by sun's resolute gaze, simply falls to pieces!

I saw people without incident, but that changed as I passed by a cafe,
Shock and dismay was on faces again, causing me to once more run away.

The pattern I wore just now, was a large multihued checkerboard design,
A lone red heart sat on a square, as if playing hopscotch as a sideline!

I'm a stubborn sort of person, so this scenario repeated several times,
Halting my shallow pursuit of perfection, by causing fashion to decline.

I showed up in the loudest of colors, rivalling bright neon city lights,
And in a print very tiny and busy, causing the dizziness great heights.

Finally I gave up the battle, being embarrassed by more than my clothes,
Like skies that weep for days, before pouring sunshine on blue primrose!

I went home where this time I stayed, and in the silence I found there,
I pondered, putting style into perspective, as bluebirds in sunset air.

Even though I still dress well, my current focus is on weightier things,
Such as sharing, caring, family and friends, and a love for all beings.

Though the style magic has never recurred, nowadays I prioritize better,
As the fashion blooms in emerald rooms, amass smiles as their pleasure!
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